Services Available

I'm available for consultation on:

  • relationship compatibility
  • marriage surnames
  • personal names
  • baby names
  • business names
  • product names
  • pet names
  • book titles
  • cycles of time

Relationship Compatibility – Is this the right person for me? Should I keep this relationship going or not? How come we have so many ups and downs?

Marriage Surnames – Are you getting married and wondering if you should keep your maiden name, change to his surname only, or use a hyphenated surname?

Personal Names – How do my names influence me? I like my middle name better. Why?

Baby Names – What is the best possible name for our soon to be born which will match our family name and generate the best possible destiny combination? Need a gift for a baby shower?

Business Names – Are you incorporating a new business and trying to decide on a name?

Cycles of Time – I’m looking to start a new business, what’s the best time? I’m getting married, what’s the best time? When should I look for a new job?


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