Why Read This Book

Discover For Yourself
1. Why only some relationships work?
2. How compatible am I to my mate, the person I'm dating or others?
3. Why are our children so different from each other?
4. Why do some children co-operate and others antagonize parents & teachers?
5. Why do I have "good days" & "bad days”?
6. Can I predict when I should make major purchases?
7. Do numbers affect my health?
8. Can I optimize my happiness?
More Considerations
1. By analyzing the numerical value of names and birthdates, numerology offers a simple, yet, profound insight into the psychology of human nature.

This book will help you better understand yourself, your children, your parents and your friends. It will complement your perception of the overall cosmology of life and will greatly enhance your sense of compassion for yourself and others.

The primary value of numerology over other measuring systems of human nature is the simplicity of the calculations and the ease of interpreting the ensuing number combinations. To use numerology effectively in personal or business life, one does not require extensive training.

2. A salient feature of this book is identifying the nature of our Inner-Selves. This is a quality of one's being that is often buried under many layers of social sanctions that dictate how each of us are supposed to be. Our names contribute to our outer persona and can be in direct contradiction to our inner nature. Sometimes we can hear faint, obscure whispers that call us to a different destiny. Yet, without some form of confirmation, it can be impossible to be confident that the whispers are our own. This book helps people identify their true inner nature and offers people permission to be themselves. Coming to grips with the differences between our inner desires and our outer persona can be a life changing experience in itself.
3. Sometimes people cannot relate to the influence of their names or to the nature of their Inner-Self. Even so, everyone seems to be able to recognize the influence of the 9 Year Cycle of Growth that impacts the quality of our lives on a yearly, monthly, and daily basis. Frequently, people will burst into tears when I describe the influence of the cycles on their current experience. It can be a dramatic relief to discover that one's experience is part of the natural pulsation of life rather than the beginning of failing health, financial burdens, relationship problems, etc. It also can be financially rewarding to understand when to invest and when to sell.
4. Why do we get along with some people and not others? Why do some marriages last and others fail? Some answers to these questions are offered in a chapter entitled Relationships & Compatibility. The insights of this chapter are useful both to the business executive interested in a well-run company and to people considering long-term relationships. And, it can be fun simply to understand why your best friend is your best friend.
5. In addition to personal names, number combinations have a strong influence on business and product names. The date of incorporation of a business sets the business into a particular year of the 9 Year Cycle. The influence of name combinations is often apparent in the names of cities and countries. Even street numbers on houses and businesses have an influence. These considerations are discussed in the later chapters of the book.