In the 10 years that I have known Lance Shaler, he has always made Numbers Count for himself and others. I have truly learned a great deal from him, and I recommend him to you.

Chuck Spezzano, Ph.D., MCFC, psychotherapist


Simple, clear, undiluted and haunting. Each page demanded that I read the next one.

Les Atchison, C.A., professional accountant


Wow!! And I thought that I wasn't interested in numerology.

Laura Larkin, Ph.D, Humanities, counsellor


This is more than a book on numerology, it is a vibrant expression of the author's love for humankind and the planet. This book gave me hope that a more loving world is possible.

Joan Sutton-Brown, L.L.B., lawyer


What a wonderful relief to discover so many reasons for me being the way I am. I'm grateful for the peace this book has given me. Thank you.

Sabrina Braham, M.A., MCFC, psychotherapist, author


I've always wanted to learn numerology, but didn't have the energy to wade through all the data. This book made it fun and easy. Exceptionally well done!!

Kelly Henderson, BSN, R.N., registered nurse


It's uncanny how Lance can pinpoint my personal cycles down to specific days. He's so clear that sometimes I feel like he was there with me. I listen very carefully when he talks of my future.

Robert-Michael Kaplan, O.D., M.Ed.,

author & vision educator


I don’t run my life by numerology or astrology but I love to feel their influences. This book brings me great joy and more connection to the mystery that I love.

Paulette Tomasson RN, RCC, MA, Nurse Counsellor

This is a book that will never gather dust on my shelf, will never go into storage. It will sit at my side and will have a certain patina to it - just like my connection to the author. His insight leaves me speechless - and that's not common for me! He's gifted me with wings and I can fly.

Rev. Karey Sinclaire (formerly Rev. Carrie Hunter)


I've known Lance for many years, including we worked on more than one project together.  Both in business and personally, I frequently watched him do his magic with numbers.  Without question, he is "Mr. Numerology".

Sam Adams, Master Distributor, Amega Global




"Credible, inviting and reassuring."

Rico Ricketts, B.Sc., D.M.D., dentist


"This book reads more like a novel than a text. Great job!!"

Doug Campbell, B.Arch, architect