Why I Wrote the Book

Many people avoid delving seriously into numerology or astrology because they see the volume of detail as intimidating and demanding. The purpose of this book is to present the power and integrity of this detailed subject without wading through endless data that drones the reader into a trance, if not a deep sleep. Yet, the data must be comprehensive enough that a numerological evaluation is more than a collection of obvious generalities that are quickly discarded by discerning minds.

To resolve this dilemma, I employ a series of four metaphors that focus on numerological principles and concepts rather than on factual detail. Instead of telling the story once, at length, I tell it four times quickly. Each story is different, yet similar. From the interplay of the four stories, basic patterns emerge that create a foundation upon which you can build a system of esoteric knowledge as expansive as you personally desire. The net result is a book that moves quickly and offers a tangible, working knowledge of numerology so that you can substantiate the principles for yourself.

With this working knowledge in hand, you can immediately apply the insights of numerology to your personal and professional life.

Why Do Numbers Count is a journey of discovery that offers deep insight into the essential nature of the human experience, life's basic rhythms and life itself. Read this book and your sense of love and compassion for yourself and others will be immensely enhanced.

I invite you to have fun and enjoy!!