Why Numbers?

Numbers do not have intrinsic powers that dictate specific consequences any more than the words written on this page do. They are convenient, symbolic representations of parts of the whole cosmology of life. Although other symbols have a broader universal import than numbers, the numbers 1 to 9 form a primary logic set that are common to most languages of our world.

Imagine a triangular prism that separates white light into the colors of the rainbow. Similarly, imagine the numbers from 1 to 9 within the prism and diffusing the full spectrum of the qualities of life into 9 separate categories. In this sense, numbers are referred to as the grandparent of all the various oracles such as astrology, the tarot, the I‑Ching, etc. As such, they are more generalized in their definition, whereas the details of astrology are extensive, indeed.

As the grandparent of all the oracles, the qualities of the numbers are common to most of the world's mythologies, religions and philosophies which affords another good reason to become familiar with the symbology of numbers.