Identity and Names

Your name is like a mantra, a rhythmic chant that you use in your mind, possibly, hundreds of times every day. It is like a tuning fork that each of us takes note of and responds to in accordance with the intensity and degree of chord or 'dischord' that the set of symbols invoke.

Consider a set of piano keys — would you choose a harmonious chord, a semitone or a complete discord of sound to reverberate throughout your entire being dozens of times per day? Or, imagine that every time someone says your name or you think of yourself consciously or unconsciously, your name resonates like squeaky chalk on a blackboard. How long would it take before you would become irritable? After several years, what would be the cumulative effect of hearing such an irritable sound hundreds of times a day? Just because you get used to the road noise, doesn't mean that the constant drone is not wearing on the emotions and the body.

Your name is possibly the most important source of your identity. Most people, when asked "Who are you?" respond by giving their name. If you think you are not attached to your name, take a moment and consider changing your name to something completely different. Seemingly from out of nowhere, the "hums and haws" begin and it becomes apparent that people are very attached to their names, identifying strongly with what they are called.

In short, your names are very important to you and you consciously and unconsciously identify strongly with them. In addition, their symbolic resonance has outstanding impact on your character and your life's experience. This book can help you understand that impact and substantiate many of your own personal insights and awareness of yourself.