Cymatics – Frequency and Form

Cymatics, commonly called “visible sound”, is a study that demonstrates how frequency affects matter and creates form.

Although names generate a sound when spoken and hence have a relationship to form, I suggest the relationship of a name’s frequency affects form at levels deeper than the spoken word.

The relationship of frequency to form is all encompassing and can be found throughout life, from the patterns on butterfly wings, bird feather designs, tortoise shells and to the basic structure and design of all life forms.

To view the relationship of frequency and form, Google Cymatics

and watch some of the videos noted below or pursue some of the books on the topic.


This video demonstrates how frequencies of sound affect particles into various forms.

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History of Cymatics and how it works.

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This video, not in English, shows the creation of a cymatic image; sound affects fluid to create form.

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This video demonstrates that frequencies of sound form particles into patterns.

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Forms become more explicit as frequency increases.

For example, the following snapshots are from:$feature=related

Cymatics-Dragon-Fly Cymatics-Brain-Coral
"Dragon Fly" 
"Brain Coral"
The following images, © Dan Blore, can be found on,


Other interesting websites are:



A book worthy of review is:

"Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena by Hans Jenny"